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We spent many years breeding and training our Tennessee Walking horses, and love working with them as they are such an easy breed to work with. Now we have just a few for our personal use. The other side of the farm now is where a lot of our time goes.  We have the small animals now that we enjoy. Read on to learn more about our animals.

We use our horses for trail riding, and the obstacle course we have set up to challenge them and us.

In the last few years our farm has become home to a number of other animals and birds.  If we liked all these extras why wouldn’t someone else, so we now do displays at local fairs and such so other people can enjoy the verity of animals we have and maybe even learn a bit about them.  Some of the things you can expect to see are: Peafowl, Guinea Fowl, Turkeys, Geese, Bantam Chickens, Pigeons, Rabbits, miniature and standard Donkeys, miniature Goats, miniature Horses, miniature Pigs, Sheep and of course our TWH’S. Please check out our Farm Page.

Please check out our For Sale Page before leaving.

For more information on any of the above please contact

Bill or Heather Arndt

Classic Cream Champagne

For more information please see the horse page.


Petting Farm Favoites

Obstacle Course Fun


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