Just Acres Farm

Our  Farm

We started out having only the Tennessee Walking Hosres and a few birds, then some more birds, dogs and cats had always been apart of our lives, a monkey came and went from our home, but the real start was a trip to a fair with our granddaughter.   She loved the baby goats so we promised we would get her one to play with when she came to visit, well one led to two,  and two led to three,  and that was the start.  We started to look into what else we could get to make her visits fun.  After acquiring this and that we decided if our granddaughter liked them maybe other kids would like to enjoy them also, and that was it we started doing displays.

If your club or society is having a big day this year and want a fun place for the children and adults, may I suggest an animal display.   Please contact us as early as possible so dates can be booked.

We also offer pony and donkey rides for an extra fee. All rides are on lead line, but smaller children need a parent or guardian to walk with them.


Please contact us for all Fees &

and to Book you event

Did you enjoy seeing us at your event, why not email those in charge and thank them. We would like to hear from you also.