Just Acres Farm

Specializing in Champagne and dilutes

Breeding for Conformation, Temperament, and Gait,  


In Loving Memory of Kara

Herd Sires



Classic Cream Champagne (Sold)


Smokey Black (Sold)

Gambler (Sold)

Moore’s Silvertip Sonora

Smokey Black

JA’S Dark Isis

Smokey Black (Sold)

Just A Morning Angel

Palomino (Sold)

JA’S Charming Girl


JA’S Oops


We are no longer breeding.

Past and Present

Our horses are a big part of what we do. We enjoy working with them and hope others enjoy them also.  Our breeding program focuses on temperament as the number one goal, but not to override conformation or gait. The last few years have been spent bringing a bit of colour to balance it all out.  If you have any questions about our Walkers or just want to know more about the breed drop us an email. We love to talk about our horses.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course can give you a place to work with a very young horse to help bring confidence to both of you.  It starts out at a walk on a lead rope, then advances to off lead work. Once each step has been mastered transition to the trot and on to the lope. At this point riding the course should be no problem.  Although it can be a great starting point for a young horse, any horse can be started on the course and gain valuable, positive experiences.

Our course consists of weaving poles, water crossing (tarp), barrel squeeze, jumps, curtain door way, wooden bridge, ground poles, push gate, and a drag. Most of these items may be found on a trail ride in a different form but handling them should be the same as on the course.

Every once and awhile we will have a Fun Day where we open the course up to invited guests, if you and your horse would like to spend a day connecting, please contact us and we will put you on our list for the next Fun Day.